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The Benefits Of A Career After Accounting School

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Are you ready to make a career change? If you enjoy working with numbers or have an interest in the financial sector, take a look some of the reasons to choose accounting school.

Increased Pay

Do you need a career that comes with higher income potential? If you're an hourly worker, have a low-paying job, or have a new set of expenses, an accountant's salary can help to change your life.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the 2018 median pay for an accountant with a bachelor's degree was $70,500 per year. In comparison, the average U.S. salary in the same year (2018) was just over $50,000, according to the Social Security Administration's statistics.

Increased Responsibility

Does your job come with a high degree of responsibility? As an accountant, you'll organize, maintain, and evaluate complex financial records. This may mean your employer's or company's finances are in your hands. This increased responsibility can lead to greater job satisfaction and a bump in your self-esteem.

Increased Options

The accounting field is expanding. The BLS's data shows between 2018 and 2028 the number of total jobs in the accounting profession will grow by a projected 90,700 openings. The expected job change shows that there are plenty of options for a new professional.

Beyond the job availability numbers, this field offers opportunities to work in an array of different places. Accountants work for financial institutions, large corporations, small companies, government agencies, healthcare organizations, charities, and even themselves.

Increased Career Growth

Your options don't end when you find the perfect place to work as an accountant. Instead, they're just beginning. Unless you choose to work for a small company as their sole accountant for your entire life, chances are high that you'll find a way to grow in this field. From moving up within one organization to branching out into your business, your overall career growth options are limitless.

Increased Skills

Accounting school provides you with the skills that often go well past a basic job in the field. The math, financial, and business knowledge you gain during your training can transfer into other careers down the road. This allows you to build on your accounting background and potentially transition into another job or career in the future.

Is accounting right for you? Between the salary incentive, job availability, room to grow, and an almost endless number of options, this field is an ideal pick for anyone who is ready to begin a second career.