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Early Childhood Development: 3 Tips To Encouraging And Nurturing Accelerated Cognitive Development

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For many parents, their worst fears lie in whether their children are developing and growing properly. Early childhood development plays a huge part and role in your children's abilities in the future, as children tend to pick up skills and absorb information easily at a young age. To help ensure that your child will excel, consider trying out these 3 tips.

Monitor Nutrition and Diet

To encourage cognitive development, you want to ensure that the brain develops properly. The human brain actually grows most rapidly between 20 to 36 weeks of age, and usually continues to grow until the child reaches 20 months of age. Supply the brain with nutrients it needs to grow, and monitor your child's nutrition and diet as a result. Pay careful attention to whether your child is getting the minerals and vitamins that they need. For example, iron supplements can prevent anemia and also improve test scores in cognitive function in young children.

Give Your Child Options to Choose From

Instead of making all of the decisions for your child, give them the opportunity to work through the problems they encounter throughout their day. You can help them along by giving them several options to choose from. This gives your child the opportunity to correlate actions with consequences. In addition, giving them an opportunity to make their own choice can help them develop independence and confidence.

Engage with Lots of Mini Play that Nurture Growth of Skills through the Day

The more time and effort that you put into engaging your child, the better they will develop cognitively. Throughout the day, engage in play with your child. This helps them pick up social cues. You should also try to participate in various activities that help nurture the growth of certain skills. For example, practice identifying shapes and colors and counting. You can ask them to do simple things like count the amount of apples that you've bought at the grocery store. These simple tasks do a lot in building their foundation.


There are plenty of different ways that you can nurture your child's cognitive development and growth. Give your child as many opportunities as you can to interact with new things and situations. It'll help them grow and help stimulate them intellectually. If you don't have the time, look at whether there are any good daycare centers or whether there are any experienced nannies available.

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