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Tutoring SAT/ACT Preparation

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If you have some spare time or you're in the market for a part-time job, one option to consider is becoming a math tutor. One of the great things about being a tutor is that you can work independently, outside an agency, if you look in the right places and know how to advertise your skills. You'll probably have a more flexible schedule than you might with other jobs. You can have your pick of what age range or grade you want to tutor, as long as you have the qualifications. When considering subjects to tutor, choose those in which you got a B or higher. One subject frequently in high demand is math.

Tutoring Math

Even for those who performed well in math in school, learning to tutor math usually sounds daunting. However, if you review the material on your own, a lot of the pressure will be taken off. Confidence, as well as establishing a good relationship with the person you tutor, will help you become an excellent math tutor. Math is a subject that many people struggle with, as much or more than essay reading and writing. People who aren't doing so well in math benefit greatly from the individual attention they receive in tutoring. One reason for the demand of math tutors is the number of teenagers preparing for the ACT or SAT. Tutoring to prepare kids for these tests is a great strategy.

The ACT and SAT

The ACT and the SAT are both standardized tests offered every year. A teenager's score is often used by colleges and universities to decide whether he or she may attend. Different colleges look for different scores. The ACT includes English, reading, math, and science, along with an some format writing. The SAT covers math, reading and writing, and an optional essay. To help prepare a student for the math in these tests, consider buying a guide to SAT studying and using that as your tutoring curriculum. You can draw on your own memory of the test, as well as asking questions of students who recently took the test. You might just be the one to help a student pass the ACT or SAT with flying colors.

Consider Other Subjects 

A good strategy for a tutor is to offer preparation for the ACT and SAT focusing on math. However, being a math tutor alone is not your only option. If you are also good at English and writing, you can consider offering that subject as well. Many students dread the reading and writing on the SAT, and have no idea how to go about writing the optional essay on the spot. There is a good market for tutors teaching grammar, format writing, reading comprehension, spelling, and vocabulary. This is another way you can find more clients as an SAT/ACT prep tutor.