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Does Your Teen Want To Fly? 4 Reasons They Should Get Their Pilots License

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If your teenager has decided that they want to get their private pilot's license, there are many reasons why you should say yes. Learning to fly is a great way for your teenager to spend their time. It's also a good way for them to learn about the world around them. If you're not sure your teenager should learn to fly, here are four additional reasons why they should.

Teaches Responsibility

Learning to fly requires a great deal of responsibility and determination. During flight lessons, the student is responsible for studying their lessons. They're also responsible for ensuring the proper maintenance of the plane they'll be learning to fly. Your teenager will learn those things during their lessons. However, if you agree to let your teenager learn to fly, that responsibility and determination will cross over into other aspects of their life. You'll find that your teenager also studies harder for their high school classes, and becomes more responsible in their daily life.

Provides Early Training for Eventual Career

Now that your teen is in high school, they're probably trying to figure out what type of career path they want to follow. By allowing your teen to take flight lessons, you'll be opening up a potential career field in commercial flight. You'll also be providing them with a way to see the world, especially once they're responsible for their own plane.

Good Way to Network

During high school, your teenager will make many friends. However, those friends may not be able to help your teen advance in their adult life – especially if all your teens friends are the same age. When your teenager enrolls in flight school, a whole new network will open up to them. Your teen will be able to meet people who can help them further their educational and career goals.

Looks Good on a Resume

When it comes time to apply for college – or jobs – your teen will need a well-rounded resume. They'll particularly need life experiences that put them a head above the competition – especially when it comes to getting accepted to the college of their dreams. By enrolling your teen in a flight school, you'll be providing them with experiences that will help them stand out when they apply to college, or jobs.

Flight school is a great way to give your teenager opportunities that most teenagers won't be given. For more information about helping your teen earn their private pilots lesson, talk to a flight school like Institute of Aviation at Parkland College